Thank you to all the people who provided both monetary and production support to Babyprov:

Jodi Balsamo
Patricia K. Barr
Lynn Beber
Beth Blatt
Marcus Burstein
Diane Cadrain and Joe Rubin
Betsy Capes
Joel and Susan Cartun
Tom Coash
Harvey and Harriet Davidson
Joel Derfner
Ellen Domingos
Elenna Dunham
David Gardner
Ruth Gersh
Cynthia S. Hanson
Rob Hartmann
Ruth and Larry Hennefeld
Steven Klein
Cheryl Levine
Jenny Levison
Annie MacRae
Jenny Mercein
Liza Mueller
Catherine Neijstrom
Carol Ostrow
Davina Pardo
Karen Sanders
Andrea Sanders
Jacqueline Satlow
Judy Schulman
Varya Simpson
Jennifer Tattenbaum
Rae Tattenbaum and Margery Fine
Elene Terry
Liz Vacco
John Woods

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